The AABA is administered by an elected Executive Committee directed by five elected officers.


Steve Leigh

Steve Leigh


Leslea Hlusko - 2020

Leslea Hlusko

President Elect

Kristi L. Lewton

Kristi L. Lewton

Vice President & Program Chair

Graciela Cabana

Graciela S. Cabana


Amy Rector-Verrelli

Amy Rector


Trudy Turner

Trudy R. Turner

Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Biological Anthropology

Lyle W Konigsberg

Lyle W. Konigsberg

Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook of Biological Anthropology

Chelsey Juarez

Chelsey Juarez

Executive committee member -- Chair, Student Programs Committee

Stephanie Meredith

Stephanie Meredith

Executive committee member -- Membership & Credentials

Julienne Rutherford

Julienne Rutherford

Executive committee member -- Chair, History & Honors Committee

Lauren Schroeder (2021)

Lauren Schroeder

Executive committee member -- Chair, Professional Development Committee

Katherine Kinkopf

Katherine Kinkopf

Early Career Liaison to the Executive Committee (2022-2023)

Dori Kenessey

Dori Kenessey

Student Liaison to the Executive Committee (2022-2023)

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