The AABA is administered by an elected Executive Committee directed by five elected officers.



Leslea Hlusko


Anne Stone headshot.jpg

Anne Stone


AL Rector

Amy Rector

Vice President and Program Chair


Jonathan D. Bethard


Kristi Lewton

Kristi L. Lewton


Kevin Hatala

Kevin Hatala

Executive committee member -- Chair, Student Programs Committee

Stephanie Meredith

Stephanie Meredith

Executive committee member -- Membership & Credentials

Ashley Hammond headshot

Ashley Hammond

Executive committee member -- Chair, History & Honors Committee

Lauren Schroeder (2021)

Lauren Schroeder

Executive committee member -- Chair, Professional Development Committee

Trudy Turner

Trudy R. Turner

Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Biological Anthropology

Graciela Cabana

Graciela S. Cabana

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook of Biological Anthropology

Sheela Athreya - 2020

Sheela Athreya

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook of Biological Anthropology

Nicole Torres-Tamayo headshot.JPG

Nicole Torres-Tamayo

Early Career Liaison to the Executive Committee (2024-2025)

Luke Fannin headshot

Luke Fannin

Student Liaison to the Executive Committee (2024-2025)

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