Executive Committee Nominations

  • Nominations are being accepted for the position of Secretary-Treasurer and for an Executive Committee member.

Early Career Executive Committee Mentoring Opportunity

  • To increase the participation of its recent PhD members in the association, the AAPA Executive Committee offers an early career mentoring opportunity. The Executive Committee aims to increase the participation of early career professionals in AAPA governance to expand the vision of the association and to ensure a solid future of effective and dedicated officers.  

Student Liaison to the Executive Committee, Applications

  • To promote the participation of its student members in the association, the Executive Committee has established an opportunity for a senior graduate student liaison to the Executive Committee. The position is for a one-year appointment, including attendance at two Executive Committee meetings, which provides a transition between the past and newly appointed student liaisons. The Committee hopes that increasing student participation will encourage a desire to serve the association in future years.

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