American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Eighty-Eighth Annual Meeting

Convention Center, Ballroom A, Cleveland, Ohio, March 29, 2019

Call to Order                                                     Leslie Aiello

Approval of 2018 Meeting Minutes              AJPA 168, 388-416

AAPA Reports - Presentations

  • President’s Report*                                 Leslie Aiello
  • Vice-President’s Report*                     Steve Leigh
  • Treasurer’s Report*^                            Rachel Caspari       
  • AJPA Editor's Report*                           Peter Ellison
  • Yearbook Editor's Report*                  Lyle Konigsberg
  • Membership*^                                       Lisa Sattenspiel
  • Student*                                                  Natalie Laudicina

AAPA Committee, Affiliate, and Other Reports Written* - (questions accepted from the floor)

Secretary (Graciela Cabana), Nominations & Elections (Anne Grauer), Career Development (Nate Dominy), Diversity (Susan Antón), History & Honors (Robin Nelson), Student Programs (Christina Torres-Rouff), Ethics (with attachments I, II, III)  (Robert Anemone), Repatriation (Ben Auerbach), Website (Ed Hagen); Auction (Shara Bailey & Madelynne Dudas), Education (Briana Pobiner), Data Access (Connie Mulligan & Trudy Turner), Science Policy (Dennis O'Rourke & Karen Strier), AAAS Affiliate (Karen Strier). 

Award Presentations  

  • Cobb Career Development Grants                                                 Nate Dominy
  • Pollitzer Student Travel Awards                                                      Kim Congdon
  • COD IDEAS Scholars/Undergrad Travel Awards                           Susan Antón, Cara Wall-Scheffler
  • Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement to Matt Cartmill        Natalie Laudicina
  • Gabriel W. Lasker Distinguished Service to Susan Antón           Graciela Cabana & Agustín Fuentes

Old Business

  • Name Change ByLaws vote                                   Leslie Aiello

Affiliated Organizations

  • National Science Foundation                                Rebecca Ferrell
  • Wenner-Gren Foundation                                     Danilyn Rutherford
  • Leakey Foundation                                                 Paddy Moore
  • National Geographic                                              Miguel Vilar
  • AAAS                                                                         Karen Strier
  • BAS-AAA                                                                   Adam Van Arsdale

New Business

  • New Business                                                          Leslie Aiello
  • 2020 Local Arrangements                                     Kristi Lewton & Stephanie Meredith

In Memoriam and Resolutions                                      Anne Grauer

Adjournment                                                                    Leslie Aiello

Written reports: ^provided at meeting; *posted online and link emailed to 2019 membership in advance of meeting.

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