The deadline for workshop, discussion meeting and training event proposal submissions has now passed. 

To submit your proposal, please follow these three steps :

  1. Read the instructions below.
  2. Register for the meetings by clicking here.  If you are already registered you may go directly to step 3 where you will be asked to enter your registration invoice number. [Note that if you are not already registered and intend to register for the meetings at the reduced members' registration rate (see rates here), you must renew your membership for 2019 BEFORE starting the meeting registration process. You may renew your membership or join the AAPA here.]
  3. Begin your workshop proposal here.

Workshops (including discussion meetings and training events) provide the opportunity for participants to engage in intensive discussion or training activities on a particular subject or project. Workshops generally involve small groups, emphasize participant involvement, and are oriented toward a specific goal or outcome. They are NOT for the presentation of academic research to a general audience.


Over the past few years the AAPA has had an increasing number of requests to hold workshops and similar events at the annual meetings. Because of time and space limitations it has become necessary to have a formal submission and evaluation procedure for these requests.


Workshop, discussion meeting and training event requirements:      

  • Any member may submit proposals for these events.
  • Workshops are provided for the benefit of AAPA members. No charge shall be made and no products shall be offered for sale. However, participants can be asked to pay for any materials that will be needed for workshop participation. 
  • These events shall be open to all AAPA members who are also annual meeting registrants, although limits can be placed on the number of participants.
  • Workshops can have a variety of formats and be a few hours to a full day in length. Full day or half-day workshops will be scheduled on the Wednesday before the annual meetings. Two-hour workshops can be proposed during the meetings. 


You will need the following information: 

  1. Title of the workshop, discussion meeting or training event
  2.  Submitter’s e-mail address and affiliation and the names and affiliations of co-organizers.
  3. Is the workshop being proposed by an AAPA committee or by an AAPA member independent of an AAPA standing or ad hoc committee?
  4. A short abstract (300 word maximum) describing the content and purpose of the workshop. If your workshop is accepted, this paragraph will appear in the program issue to describe the session.
  5. The audience to whom the workshop will be of interest.
  6. Workshop logistics:
                  Maximum participant number.
                  Length of the workshop (2 hrs, half-day, full-day).
                  Preferred date/time (full and half-day workshops will be scheduled on the Wed. befor the meetings.
                  Type of room needed for the workshop.
                  A/V requirements.
                  Will there be a cost to the participants, and if so what is the cost and the justification for the cost.

Please note: You must be registered for the meetings at the time you submit your workshop proposal. If you are not already registered, you will be given the opportunity to do so at the time of registration.


The Review Process: 

The AAPA officers will review and rank workshop proposals. The workshop organizer will be notified as to our decision to accept or reject the proposal no later than December 15, 2017.


We welcome well developed proposals showing sufficient planning and organization. The number of time-slots available for workshops is limited. Proposals from AAPA committees will be prioritized followed by those proposals that show the greatest potential to be of benefit to AAPA members. Time and space constraints may force the rejection of otherwise strong proposals.


Financial Support for Workshops, Discussion Meetings and Training Events


A small amount of competitively awarded funding is available to help defray the costs of events sponsored by AAPA committees.  Costs may include speaker travel and honoraria costs.  Requests may also include costs to extend the reach of scientific sessions through electronic/virtual technologies or other means.  The following costs will NOT be considered:

  • Catering and reception
  • Student or member travel, lodging, and/or registration for the meetings. Students should be encouraged to apply for the Politzer Student Travel Awards.

Applicants should justify their funding requests in terms of the value that will be added to the event. Typical awards are anticipated to be in the range of $1500-$2000. You will be able to apply for this funding when you submit your workshop proposal.


Once the workshop is accepted: 


If the workshop is accepted, AAPA members will have the opportunity to register for the workshop early in 2018. If there is a limit on the number of workshop participants, the slots will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. When the limit is reached potential participants will have the opportunity to put their names on a waiting list. Please note that you will be responsible for managing the sign-up list.

Workshop organizers will have the opportunity to contact their workshop registrants prior to the meetings with any information or prior preparation needed for the event.


QUESTIONS? e-mail Steve Leigh at: [email protected]

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