In order to keep everyone safe during the continuing pandemic, our 2021 annual meeting will be entirely virtual.

After attending as many other virtual conferences as possible over the last 10 months, AAPA leadership decided to play to the strengths of the virtual platform rather than mimic our typical in-person program. This means that we completely re-envisioned what our annual meeting will look like.

It is time to get excited about participating in this history-making AAPA experiment!

Watch The Insider's Guide to AAPA's 2021 Virtual Conference from March 8th.

Watch The AAPA President's Welcome Video.

Watch The Orientation to AAPA on the Pathable Platform Video.

Our conference’s live events will begin on April 7th and end on April 28th. Our aim for these three weeks is to strengthen our community and build interconnections.

The opening events for the 2021 meeting will include an online reception (yes, we figured out how to do this in a fun way!) and the celebration of our 2020 and 2021 Charles Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award, Gabriel Lasker Service Award, the AAPA Communication and Outreach Award. The President’s Plenary session and the 2021 invited symposia will take place during the first three days of the conference. Contributed sessions, numerous social events, professional development workshops, and our business meeting will take place in the weeks that follow. Live events will end on April 28th with our closing ceremony and the announcement of our student presentation prize winners. The virtual platform will be open through May to enable registrants to continue viewing presentations and connecting with each other through chat and video conference rooms.

Key features of our virtual conference:

  • The vast majority of our live events are designed to emphasize networking and relationship-building. Sessions will be much smaller and more focused, and they run like seminars and panel discussions instead of back-to-back presentations. 
  • We are scheduling live events to primarily occur during typical business hours Monday through Friday, with an eye towards being as considerate to registrant time zones as possible. We hope this makes it easier to juggle home-life responsibilities and meaningful participation in the conference.
  • Events are spread out over three weeks. Our hope is that it will not be too challenging to carve out these smaller bits of time here-and-there to attend the events that pique your interests, even while attending to your daily work obligations.
  • All presentations will be uploaded ahead of time to the virtual platform so registrants can view research presentations when it fits into their schedule. Most events will be recorded so that you can watch missed sessions.

You can register here -

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