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Clark Larsen

Primary interests are in  in the history of the human condition, viewed from the perspective of health, quality of life, adaptation, and lifestyle during the last 10,000 years of human evolution. Major research projects include a collaborative investigation on native societies (with David Hurst Thomas, American Museum of Natural History) on St. Catherines Island, Georgia;  bioarchaeology research at Çatalhöyük (Turkey) co-directed with Christopher Knüsel, University of Bordeaux, and part of an international archaeological research program directed by Ian Hodder (Stanford University); a research program and annual field school in bioarchaeology and archaeology at Badia Pozzeveri, a church and cemetery dating to ca. AD 950-1850 in Tuscany (Italy) in collaboration with Gino Fornaciari (University of Pisa) and Giuseppe Vercellotti (Ohio State University), and the Global History of Health Project, whose  current focus is Europe, where collaborators across Europe have developed a database of skeletal remains.   Larsen is also a past editor of American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

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