Submitted: 24 May 2022
Department: Division of Biomedical Science - Anatomical Sciences
Institution: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine LC - Monroe, Louisiana
Job type: Staff
Apply by: 31 August 2022
Application email: [email protected]

I. Job Summary: The candidate will assist in the daily operations of the VCOM-Louisiana Campus anatomy lab. Duties will include; but not be limited to cadaver maintenance, inventory of lab supplies (to include ordering), assist faculty with research projects, assist medical students in the lab and overall lab maintenance.

II. Job Duties: 1. Responsible for overall maintenance of the anatomy lab 2. Coordinate the yearly delivery, inventory and final disposal of cadavers 3. Maintenance and ordering of Anatomy Lab supplies 4. Assist with set up and running of laboratory practicals 5. Coordination and maintenance of the safety lab activity manuals to include required reporting of injuries, Material Safety Data Sheets and other appropriate documentation. 6. Report to the safety officer of the College and attend training sessions to remain up-to-date on policies and regulations 7. Coordinate high school anatomy visits and with the summer anatomy camp as assigned 8. Perform other duties as assigned

III. Required Qualifications: Education: Bachelor’s degree in science related field or equivalent experience. Licensure or certification: n/a

Skills important to this position: • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills • Strong team player • Commitment to company values • Basic computer proficiency, especially in PowerPoint • Knowledge of human anatomy • Knowledge of dissection skills in human anatomy

Preferences may be given to applicants who possess a Master’s Degree in Science or Education

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