Submitted: 7 September 2022
Department: Anthropology
Institution: University of Missouri
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 30 September 2022
Application URL:

The University of Missouri Department of Anthropology seeks a scientific anthropologist specializing in human-environment dynamics, including human evolution and behavior for a 2-year postdoctoral position. The position is sponsored by the University of Missouri’s Preparing Future Faculty—Faculty Diversity (PFFFD) Postdoctoral Program, which is designed to prepare scholars for tenure-track faculty positions at the University of Missouri and elsewhere. The stipend is $60,000 per year plus benefits. More information about the PFFFD program is available at The application deadline is September 30, 2022.

The ideal candidate will complement our integrative study of Human Adaptation, Ecology, and Evolution. The area of specialization is open and can be, but is not limited to, cooperation and conflict, epidemiology, cultural continuity and variation through time, evolution of culture and intelligence, human interactions with plants and animals, life history and child development, religion, gender relationships, social structure and inequity, and hominid evolution. Research approaches can include but are not limited to demography, ecological and environmental anthropology, ethnobiology, archaeometry, human behavioral ecology, cognitive archaeology, genetics, human variation, and biomedical anthropology. MU’s Anthropology Department has long been recognized as a leading anthropology program among departments with a focus on the scientific study of relationships among culture, behavior, health, human biology and evolution, both throughout the present world and through prehistory. We have an internationally recognized program in these areas, and we seek a strong scholar to build on our strengths.

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