Submitted: 29 September 2022
Department: Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse
Institution: Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 15 November 2022
Application URL:

Each year IAST invites applications for post-doctoral Research Fellowships, which offer candidates an opportunity to devote themselves full time to their research at the start of their careers. Fellows are provided with office space, computer facilities and a contract for two years, renewable for a third year.

We welcome applications from researchers within a large range of disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences, including anthropology. We seek candidates with a strong research background in their own discipline, but open to engage in interdisciplinary scientific activities. Successful applicants will have to demonstrate an interest in, and a commitment to, at least one of the other disciplines of IAST.

All research interests relevant to the broad study of human behavior are welcome, but interests that complement and/or enhance those already developed at IAST will be given special consideration.

These interests include, to cite only a few:

• In anthropology: cooperation and conflict; life history theory, human development and plasticity, health and infectious disease, aging, demography, diet and nutrition, global health, evolutionary medicine and genetics.

IAST is an institution that fosters communication between disciplines and interdisciplinary research. Being exposed to presentations and participating in discussions are key components of the process. Research Fellows are therefore expected to attend seminars and institutional social events, as well as the annual retreat.

Who is eligible?

Eligible applicants for 2023 must be active researchers who have or will have completed their PhD after December 2019 and before September 2023. Motivated applications will be considered from candidates whose PhDs were completed in 2019 or earlier; if applicable, please explain your reasons in your cover letter.

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