Submitted: 2 December 2022
Department: Anthropology
Institution: University at Albany, SUNY
Job type: Other
Apply by: 15 January 2023
Application URL:

The Department of Anthropology at the University at Albany is seeking MA and PhD applicants in biological anthropology starting in fall 2023. Our faculty research foci span a wide variety of topics in human biology and evolution, but we especially welcome applicants in areas of ongoing research: aging and demography, bone biology, functional morphology, and biomechanics, and primate and hominin evolution. Students will have opportunities to carry out lab and field work in sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, Europe, and other regions, join UAlbany research centers (e.g., the Center for Aging and Policy Studies), and participate in UAlbany field schools abroad (e.g., the Origins Field School in Kenya, run in collaboration with the Turkana Basin Institute).

Applicants will apply directly to the MA ( and PhD ( programs in the Department of Anthropology. PhD applicants are eligible for funding packages covering tuition and stipend (students entering the program with a MA/MSc degree are eligible for three years of funding, whereas those entering the program with a BA/BS degree are eligible for four years). Applicants wishing to be considered for funding must submit their materials by January 15th, 2023.

Applicants are encouraged to contact prospective advisors to discuss their interests. The following labs are currently accepting students: Human Demography (Dr. Julia Jennings, [email protected]), Human Evolution and Biomechanics (Dr. John Polk, [email protected]), Primate Evolutionary Morphology (Dr. Adam Gordon, [email protected]), and Paleobiology (Dr. John Rowan, [email protected]).

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