Submitted: 6 September 2023
Department: Anthropology
Institution: University of Wyoming
Job type: Tenure-track
Apply by: 15 October 2023
Application URL:

We seek a biological anthropologist with geographic region, theoretical orientation, and specialization open (excluding bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, and paleoanthropology). Candidates whose scholarship involves collaboration with marginalized or Indigenous communities or research themes relevant to Wyoming will be given special consideration. The candidate should have a demonstrated record of theoretically informed, problem-oriented, and hypothesis-driven research. We are especially interested in candidates who can supplement existing strengths of the department. The successful candidate will be capable of mentoring graduate and undergraduate student research in the candidate’s area of specialization. They will also show evidence of teaching effectiveness and grantsmanship, a record of publication, and a field or lab-based research program that could incorporate student participation. Expected teaching includes upper division courses in biological anthropology as well as introductory courses in biological anthropology at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

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