Assistant Professorship in Paleaoanthropology

We are seeking candidates with an excellent track record and the potential to establish an internationally visible research group in Evolutionary Paleoanthropology. The research and teaching of the future professor is intended to focus on early hominin evolution, origins and expansions of Homo sapiens, interactions between Homo sapiens and other hominin species, ecological adaptations and adaptive history of hominin species, or language and brain evolution. Expertise in one or more quantitative methods relevant for the respective field, for example imaging (e.g., CT-scanning) and digital fossil reconstruction; paleo-ecological reconstructions, ancient genomics and proteomics, primate models of early hominin behaviour and evolution, cross species comparisons, machine learning, or computer simulations, amongst others, are highly desirable.

Expecting a combination of field research and quantitative methods to substantiate theoretical advancements, this position offers broad development opportunities for the future faculty member.

The successful candidate will join the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology and will have extensive opportunities for interaction and collaboration with other research groups at UZH, in Zurich’s rich and diverse research environment, and in particular among the NCCR “Evolution of Language” with which the professorship will be associated. The future professor will contribute to teaching and its continued development at both Bachelor and Master level, in particular with courses on evolutionary anthropology and field excursions, as well as supervise PhD students. Furthermore, active participation in the academic self-administration on all levels of the University is expected of all faculty members.

UZH provides generous research support, including dedicated funds for personnel, running expenses and competitive start-up packages. Additionally, the successful candidate is expected to acquire external research funding. We see researchers as modern leaders who conduct excellent research – taking into account the Open Science principles – through their own research projects as well as the promotion of excellent junior researchers, and who help shape a future-oriented University with innovative re- search-based teaching.

Situated in the open-minded and family-friendly city of Zurich, which combines the vibrant cultural scene in a modern European city with the convenient accessibility to its beautiful natural surroundings, UZH is well integrated in the city’s community and research environment.

Assistant professors tenure track are typically evaluated for tenure after 6 years. The employment conditions for this position follow UZH’s legal regulations including part-time options. UZH is an equal- opportunities employer, and the Faculty of Science, in particular, strives to increase the percentage of women and underrepresented groups in leading positions. Therefore, qualified female researchers and others from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. Caretime interruptions are considered during the evaluation of applicants of all genders.

Applicants are kindly invited to submit their applications, which should include:
– a cover letter (max. 1 page)
– a curriculum vitae, including teaching and supervisory track record; outreach activities; and a list of acquired research funding, including role and amount awarded; with date of submission
– a description of their relevant research outputs for this application and their importance for the field (at most five outputs, max. 1 page in total)
– a research plan describing their mid-term scientific strategy and expected impact (max. 2 pages)
– a teaching reflection on their educational values, tools and methods, and their potential contribution to the curriculum development at UZH (max. 1 page)
– a description of their track record and/or planned measures towards diversity, equality, and inclusion (max. 1 page)
– a list of publications and other research outputs
– a copy of their PhD certificate

Please note that page limitations do not include references.

The evaluation processes at UZH and its Faculty of Science follow the DORA recommendations for assessing research quality and impact. Applicants are thus asked to refrain from referring to non-personal measures such as impact factors.
Please upload your application to by 3rd December 2023.

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Michael Krützen (