Postdoctoral Fellowships in Dublin, Ireland

he Irish Research Council has just opened the 2016 call of applications for 2-year postdoctoral scholarships

Prof. Ron Pinhasi (University College Dublin, Ireland) would like to support several applicants with a strong track record in anthropology/scientific archaeology/ancient DNA (with at least 2-3 publications in peer reviewed journals), who are interested in submiting a project in paleogenomics, or in physical anthropology/archaeology/stable isotope analysis which will have an aDNA component (e.g. molecular sexing, familial relationships, admixture, affinities).

Successful applicants will join my existing team (in close collaboration with both Harvard and Cambridge) at the new Earth Institute, University College Dublin, with NGS ancinet DNA and anthropology laboratories and an Illumina sequencing platform.

Interested candidates should email Prof. Ron Pinhasi spefiying their particular interest and attaching a CV.