Research Associate II – Forensic Anthropology Center, University of Tennessee

Research Associate II, Anthropology
The University of Tennessee Anthropology Department is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Research Associate II for Anthropology’s Forensic Anthropology Center (FAC). This position will assist the FAC with managing the Body Donation Program (BDP), protocol development and implementation, and research at the Anthropology Research Facility (ARF).

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
The BDP is the longest established human body donation program for decomposition studies. The successful candidate will be prepared to manage this program in association with the Director and Senior Staff for the FAC. In addition, the successful applicant will collaborate with FAC and external researchers and conduct novel research at the Anthropology Research Facility (ARF). The ARF is the longest-running human decomposition facility and there are currently multiple federally funded projects taking place at the ARF. The successful applicant will also assist with short course and other training opportunities provided by the FAC.

The individual will be responsible for:
1. Conducting research at the ARF with other FAC staff, UT students, as well as U.S. and international researchers.
2. Assisting the Director in the enrollment of donors into specific research projects as well as overseeing external researchers on-site.
3. Assisting with the preparation of publications and reports stemming from these research projects.
4. Researching, developing, and implementing necessary BDP protocols that are compliant with state and federal donation laws as well as biosafety level II laboratory resolutions.
5. Assisting with FAC short course preparation and ARF and lab maintenance.
6. Overseeing training of undergraduates in crime scene recoveries.

A Master’s Degree in Anthropology or related field is required. Experience in an outdoor human decomposition facility is preferred. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary to communicate well with diverse community members, including bereaved family members, funeral home professionals, medical examiners, and law enforcement.

To Apply:

February 24, 2017