Research Technician I

This is a one year position only. Micro-Ct scanning of small fossil vertebrates from South America, Africa, Madagascar, and North America housed in the Division of Fossil Primates (DFP) at the Duke Lemur Center (DLC).Producing 3D digital images of these scanned specimens. Uploading of digital image PLY and TIFF images as well as TIFF stacks of all raw Ct-data to MorphoSource Digital Archive. Produce research quality images for publication and display and develop a protocol for 3D printing of select fossil specimens. Oversee training of students and interns in scanning and uploading of scan data.

Work Performed

Take Micro-Ct scan training course and train with software program AVISO.
Learn uploading protocols for MorphoSource.
Physically choose (in consultation with the DFP Director) specimens to prioritize for scanning.
Learn and develop new methodologies for maximizing scan time and number of specimens scanned.
Learn and develop new protocols for tracking specimens through scanning process and maintaining scan records of all specimens.
Upload 3D digital images, raw data files and all supporting metadata for each specimen scanned to MorphoSource.
Help to train and oversee work of Duke work-study students, DLC summer interns and Durham School of Science and Mathematics high school summer interns.

Required Qualifications at this Level Education/Training: Work requires an Associate’s degree in biology, zoology or other science related field. Preference may be given to applicants with higher level degrees.
Experience: No experience is required, however preference will be given to applicants with digital imaging training and expertise. Submit: 1) Letter of interest describing experience and skill set.2) Two letters of recommendation.