Program-Specific Assistant Professor

Job Vacancy Announcement: CICASP20180613

Institution: Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University (KUPRI)
Department: Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology (CICASP)
Job Title: Program-Specific Assistant Professor
Opening Date: June 13th, 2018
Closing Date: July 31st, 2018
Formal Hiring Date: January 1st, 2019 (or at the earliest mutual convenience)
Job Term: 5 years (fixed term)

Job description
The Primate Research Institute invites applications for a Program-Specific Assistant Professor position in CICASP, a center established in 2009 to promote internationalization at KUPRI through research and educational activities ( Kyoto University is one of the top universities in Japan ( The Primate Research Institute is one of 14 Research Institutes of Kyoto University, and is an international center for primatology ( CICASP is also dedicated to the recruitment of international students to KUPRI, to become leaders in their respective scientific communities.

Based on its mission, CICASP is looking for a candidate of any nationality with rich international experience and outlook. An appreciation for and/or an understanding of Japanese culture and society would be an asset. Candidates will be evaluated based on both their research record and educational outlook, and the successful candidate will be strongly encouraged to develop a research program compatible with existing research at KUPRI and with the teaching and administrative requirements that accompany this position. While start-up funds are not provided by CICASP, the successful applicant will be qualified to apply for research funding from the Japanese government and support for such applications will be provided by current team members. The ability to engage in collaborative research with faculty members of other research departments and sections at KUPRI is desirable, and the successful applicant will be required to do so through their own initiative and discussion with relevant parties.

Main Responsibilities of the Post
The successful candidate is expected to contribute to CICASP as follows:
 Co-organize and conduct the biannual international student entrance examination (Spring and Autumn).
 Co-develop and conduct a weekly science communication workshop with other team members, training graduate students through topics such as scientific oral/poster presentations, scientific debates and critical reading and thinking.
 Co-teach an eight-lecture masters course in the applicant’s area of specialty with other team members, held annually in May to July.
 Evaluate the English ability and presentation skills of students in related educational programs, such as during the Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science ( entrance examination conducted every March and September.
 Assist in developing international student recruitment strategies.
 Supervise and/or otherwise support the activities of international internship students and visiting researchers at KUPRI.
 Participate in the monthly education meeting with other faculty at KUPRI and perform other institute-related administrative services when nominated to do so.
 Develop an active research program though KUPRI

1. Application procedure
Candidates are requested to submit the following documents to apply for this position:
1) A detailed CV (please be sure to include the following)
a) a complete account of your academic background, achievements and research grant record
b) a detailed of contributions to education (if applicable)
c) list of academic publications and non-academic/popular publications
2) Reprints of the five most representative papers of your research
3) Summary of research that the candidate has conducted (ca. 1000 words)
4) Summary of research that the candidate intends to carry out at KUPRI (ca. 1000 words)
5) Ideas about how the candidate can contribute to the missions of CICASP and PRI, e.g. through educational, promotional, managerial and research activities (ca. 500 words)

All documents must arrive via email in PDF format by the deadline (17:00 Japan Standard Time on July 31st, 2018), and should be sent to the following email address with subject heading “Job Vacancy Announcement: CICASP20180613”:

2. Selection procedures and feedback to candidates
A search committee will be set up at KUPRI to evaluate each candidate’s application package. Short-listed candidates can expect to be interviewed by the research committee and potentially other faculty at KUPRI. The final decision will be made by all faculty members at KUPRI based on the recommendation of the research committee. Each candidate will be informed of the final decision pertaining to him/herself only.

3. Gender Equality
Kyoto University promotes gender equality.

KUPRI is composed of the following research units: Department of Evolution and Phylogeny, Department of Ecology and Social Behavior, Department of Cognitive Sciences, Department of Neuroscience, Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology, the Center for Human Evolution Modeling Research, the Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology. Graduate level education is conducted within the Division of Biological Science in the Graduate School of Science. Detailed information is available at the following website (

For inquiries, please contact Takakazu YUMOTO (e-mail: