Postdoctoral Research Fellow – impact of wildlife friendly farming on conservation of pollinators, including slow lorises

Oxford Brookes University is hiring a full-time postdoctoral fellow for 2 years, with the possibility to carry on for a third year, to work part time in Oxford, and part time in Java Indonesia, to examine the impact of wildlife friendly crop production on the diversity of insect and mammal pollinators and seed dispersers, including the Critically Endangered Javan slow loris. Java is one of of the most heavily populated islands on earth, and understanding the impact of farming practices on wildlife and on sustainability of crops is essential to food and financial security. The fellow will be involved in ecological monitoring, radio telemetry studies of nocturnal mammals, and will help to facilitate the branding of WIldlife Friendly Enterprise Network products in Java for international export. A combination of ecological and social methods will be applied to examine the impact of the project at the human-wildlife interface. This project forms part of the long-term research of Professor Anna Nekaris, and is funded by the Global Challenges Fund Initiative. More information can be found here: