Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor in Hominin Environments Research

The Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki invites applications for a PROFESSOR OR ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR IN HOMININ ENVIRONMENTS RESEARCH

The appointed professor is expected to develop a centre of expertise for the study of the living environments of prehistoric humans or alternatively the study of prehistoric humans in relation to their environment. This position will sit in a community of vibrant biogeoscience and evolutionary palaeontology research already in place in a multidisciplinary research environment including developmental biology, computer science and mathematics. This is also the home of the NOW database of fossil mammals.

A professor will carry out and supervise scientific research, provide teaching based on it, follow developments in research and participate in societal interaction in his/her field and in international cooperation.

According to the Regulations of the University of Helsinki, a professor must hold a doctoral degree and have high-level academic qualifications, experience in heading scientific research. The professor must also be able to provide research-based teaching of high quality, supervise dissertations and theses as well as evidence of international cooperation in the field.

An assistant/associate professor must hold a doctoral degree and ability for independent scientific work as well as teaching skills required by the position. Furthermore, the successful candidate is expected to have competence and motivation for scientific career proven by scientific publications and other academic activities.