Submitted: 12 July 2019
Department: Anthropology and Archaeology
Institution: University of Calgary
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 12 August 2019
Application URL:

The Department of Anthropology & Archaeology in the Faculty of Arts invites applications for a Lab Coordinator. This Full-time Fixed Term position is for approximately 1 year (based on length of grant funding), with the possibility of extension.

Reporting to the Principal Investigator and working in a laboratory setting overseeing the day-to-day operations and cleaning of the lab facility. The laboratory supports the PI's research on the African Stone Age, investigating how climate change and paleo environmental conditions influenced hominid dietary behaviour and stone tool use, and how these factors act as key drivers in human evolutionary research. This position works closely with the PI and the project team members. It is critical that the incumbent has the ability to follow specific directions and established research protocols in palaeoenvironmental analysis.

This research group promotes collaboration within the project, and encourages academic growth, input on experimental design, and co-authorship. Additionally, this project values diversity within the research group, both in terms of research experience and minority groups; all are encouraged to apply.

Position Description

Summary of Key Responsibilities (job functions include but are not limited to):

Oversee all laboratory research projects and assignments Process geo-archaeological, palaeobiological, and geochemical samples following established research protocols Analyze and quantify microbotanical remains, such as starch and phytoliths Manage and update Standard Operating Protocols, together with team members, for standardized experiments and equipment operations using online protocol system (SciNote) Manage and maintain lab inventories to ensure that the lab runs functionally (FileMaker Pro) Order specialized equipment and supplies Orientate new team members, such as students, on research procedures Provide support to students working in the lab Coordinate and manage lab safety procedures, training, and documents for all of the research team members, as well as maintaining Chematix inventory and completing annual lab inspections of the lab spaces Organize and implement full-laboratory cleaning events Arrange and participate in laboratory and research group meetings Coordinate field logistics, such as sampling, cargo, purchasing, and permit applications Assist in project administration, including accounting and preparation of documents Assist in the preparation of scientific manuscripts, including archiving of data, and uploading of materials to open-access repositories Correspond with project members, collaborators, and administrators Coordinate project and PI calendars and schedules Support the PI in recruitment processes for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, student hires, and inter Qualifications / Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Geoscience, Biology, Archaeology or related field; or equivalent experience Previous experience in the processing, analysis and counting of phytoliths and/or starch is mandatory. If the candidate has experience in only one, the candidate will be required to learn the other Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work in a team environment with the project team, such as students, postdoctoral fellows and research associates Excellent time management skills including an ability to prioritize work, to work under pressure, and to meet deadlines Ability to analyze and make recommendations and decisions Ability to learn new software and experimental testing equipment and procedures Experience working in a lab conducting research is an asset Experience with University business systems and databases (e.g. PeopleSoft, Enterprise Reporting and e-Fin) is an asset

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