Submitted: 23 August 2019
Department: Anthropology and Sociology
Institution: Western Carolina University
Job type: Tenure-track
Apply by: 25 September 2019
Application URL:

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology at Western Carolina University invites applications for a nine-month, tenure track assistant professor of anthropology to begin August 2020. WCU’s four-field undergraduate anthropology program is seeking a forensic anthropologist to support its general anthropology program, in addition to its popular concentration in forensic anthropology. The undergraduate forensic anthropology program at Western Carolina University is one-of-a-kind with an outdoor human decomposition research laboratory, growing willed-body donation program, and well-equipped forensic anthropology laboratory.

The successful candidate will teach a 3-3 course load, including undergraduate courses in forensic and biological anthropology along with introductory anthropology course offerings. Preference will be given to applicants who have experience teaching and mentoring undergraduate students and working in the context of human decomposition facilities.

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