Submitted: 12 September 2019
Department: Anthropology and Biology
Institution: Baylor University
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 1 November 2019
Application email: [email protected]

The Laboratory for Evolutionary Medicine ( at Baylor University is searching for a postdoctoral fellow, with a generous contract renewable for multiple years, to work with Dr. Michael Muehlenbein on a variety of projects relating to ecological immunology and One Health. The position provides a mix of laboratory (biomarker application and development), data management/analysis, and grant writing experiences. Interested candidates should contact [email protected] with any questions, as well as provide a cover letter detailing qualifications and past/future research plans, a current CV, and contact information for three potential references.

The Laboratory for Evolutionary Medicine also has multiple graduate student positions, available through the Department of Biology at Baylor University. Positions are fully-funded, and the preferred candidates will have research interests (broadly) in evolutionary medicine, including various aspects of ecological immunology, behavioral endocrinology, or global/One health. Contact [email protected] for more details.

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