Submitted: 23 October 2019
Department: Anthropology
Institution: University of Connecticut
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 10 November 2019
Application email: [email protected]

We are recruiting a full-time Postdoctoral Researcher for a 24-month position as part of a NSF-funded project on “The Ethics of Studying Indigenous North American Ancient DNA: Moving from Theories to Practices.” This project will analyze the current ethical landscape of ancient DNA research with Indigenous North American ancestors, collaboratively develop a set of principles to guide good research practices, and produce resource kits for various stakeholders to enable more equitable and informed decision-making and knowledge sharing. The Postdoctoral Researcher will actively contribute to this research and work closely with the project PIs (Chip Colwell and Deborah Bolnick) to ensure smooth implementation of the project’s logistics. The postdoc will also work with the other co-PIs of the project, including Jessica Bardill, Ripan Malhi. Jessica Kolopenuk, George Nicholas, and Laura Weyrich. The position is based at the University of Connecticut, with some flexibility for off-site telecommuting.

Preferred qualifications: (1) PhD in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) studies, anthropology, bioethics, or a related discipline; (2) one year of experience researching human behavior, society, or history; (3) ability to travel as needed for the project, and (4) advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite.

Research activities: (1) conducting online surveys and field-based ethnographic interviews of scientists and Indigenous community members to assess their views and values regarding ancient DNA research, (2) compiling case studies of ancient DNA research projects to assess the underlying ethical practices in the field today, (3) participating in meetings, workshops, and interviews as called upon, and (4) contributing to reports, articles, conference presentations, the project website, and other research products.

Administrative activities: (1) overseeing the logistical implementation of field research and workshops, (2) in consultation with PIs and co-PIs, managing overall grant logistics and products, (3) submitting timesheets and business expenses in a timely manner, (4) in consultation with the Business Support Specialist at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS), ensuring that all working group members process travel bookings and expense reimbursement requests in a timely manner and in accordance with DMNS’s policies and procedures, and (6) other duties as assigned.

TO APPLY: Send an email to Dr. Chip Colwell ([email protected]) with Word or PDF attachments of (1) a cover letter outlining your interests and abilities; and (2) your C.V., including names and contact information of three possible references. Review of applications will begin on Nov. 1, 2019 and continue until the position is filled.

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