Submitted: 25 October 2019
Department: Duke Lemur Center - Division of Fossil Primates
Institution: Duke University
Job type: Staff
Apply by: 22 November 2019
Application URL:


Physical micro-preparation and conservation of small fossil vertebrates from North America, South America, and Africa housed in the Division of Fossil Primates (DFP) at the Duke Lemur Center (DLC). Digital preparation of fossil vertebrate material. Archiving scan specimens in digital repository. Collaborate on outreach activities and help design and construct exhibit materials. Ensure safe, archival quality storage and use of fossil collections. Produce research quality epoxy and polyester casts and 3D prints of fossil specimens. Participate in field work. Oversee training of students, interns, and volunteers.


  • Perform physical preparation and conservation of large collection of fossil vertebrates housed at DFP. Produce research quality epoxy and polyester casts of fossil specimens and custom housing for specimens. (50% of job).
  • Perform digital preparation and assist in archiving digital materials. Process 3D printing of specimens in collaboration with DFP digital data technician, Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility technicians, and DLC research staff. (20% of job)
  • Assist in designing outreach materials and exhibit materials in collaboration with DFP director, DLC communications director, DLC education staff. Participate in outreach, including fossil lab tours and classroom visits. (10% of job)
  • Maintain preparation and casting labs in collaboration with staff specialist (5% of job each year).
  • Help to train and oversee work of Duke work-study students, DLC volunteers, DLC summer interns and Durham School of Science and Mathematics high school summer interns (10% of job).

Help to organize and participate in field work in conjunction with DFP Curator including ensuring that all field supplies are maintained at proper inventory levels and that all field permits are in order (5% of job).


Required Knowledge and Skills:

- Physical preparation of micro-vertebrate fossil materials including AirScribe methods - Molding and casting of paleontological materials - Familiarity with Adobe suite for design and documentation - Experience managing and training students and volunteers - Familiarity with digital fossil preparation including microCT data acquisition, photogrammetry, and 3D printing - Knowledge of best practices in specimen archiving in both physical space and digital repositories - Participation in paleontological field work

Preferred Education:
Work requires at least an Associate's degree in biology, zoology or other science related field with preference given to applicants with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Preference will be given to applicants with research experience and language experience in regions relevant to the DFP collection.

A minimum of 3 years of preparation experience is required with preference given to applicants with micro-preparation experience.

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