Submitted: 24 December 2019
Department: Psychology
Institution: Delaware State University
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 15 January 2020
Application email: [email protected]
Application URL:

The Center for Neuroscience and the Department of Psychology at Delaware State University is pleased to announce that a Postdoctoral Research Associate position is available in the Charvet lab. The postdoctoral Associate will work with a diverse team to integrate state of the art MR imaging (i.e., diffusion MR imaging) with gene expression to study the evolution and development of primate and non-primate brains. The goal of this research is to integrate from genetics to neuroimaging to enhance translational work from model organisms to humans. This is an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively with diverse researchers and to gain experience working with methods that cut across scales of organization. The successful candidate will 1) collect and analyze diffusion MR scans and 2) collect and analyze RNA sequencing data at the University of Delaware. Previous experience with a programming language is preferred. A PhD degree in Biology, or related field is required. Apply here:

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