Submitted: 19 February 2020
Department: Physiology and Anatomy
Institution: University of North Texas Health Science Center
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 1 May 2020
Application URL:

The Center for Anatomical Sciences, Department of Physiology and Anatomy, is seeking a postdoctoral research associate to work in the Comparative Anatomy and Morphometrics Lab under the supervision of Rachel Menegaz, Ph.D.

This is a research position requiring skills in laboratory organization and maintenance, and various technical skills including histology and immunostaining, medical imaging (primarily micro-CT and CE-CT), and animal handling and husbandry. Experiments will utilize human tissue samples and small animal models to investigate musculoskeletal growth, plasticity, and aging.

Preferred qualifications: • Proficiency with histological methodologies in muscle and/or bone tissue. • Prior experience with imaging-based analyses of muscle and/or bone tissue (e.g. diceCT, microCT, etc.), or willingness to learn. • Prior experience with 3D morphometrics and/or histomorphometrics, or willingness to learn. • Prior experience with handling rodents and small animal tissue collection techniques. • Proficiency in maintaining laboratory supplies, expenditures, and records. • Willingness to learn new methodologies, troubleshoot, assist others in the laboratory, and work flexible hours as needed. • Independent, detail-oriented approach to experimental design and execution.

Please submit a cover letter and CV online at:

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