Submitted: 2 March 2020
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery
Institution: University of Missouri
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 1 June 2020
Application URL:

Job Description: The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Missouri-Columbia invites applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow position with an appointment for up to 3 years. The search process will emphasize the potential to conduct research leading to high-level academic publications in musculoskeletal form or function and/or biomedically-relevant orthopaedic conditions. The primary focus of this position is to collaborate with current faculty on ongoing research programs spanning molecular, cellular, micro, macro, organismal, and epidemiological levels of musculoskeletal inquiry. Numerous opportunities exist for expanding the scope of the research. Doctoral degree (PhD, MD, DO, or DVM) is required by starting date. Strong written and communication skills are important. Ability to work independently and cooperatively within a team of established investigators is essential. Experience in grant writing and publications is desirable. Analytic background in research interests compatible with team preferred. Current research interests within team include bone and joint health across the lifespan and clinical and comparative orthopaedics.

Fellows will design, conduct, and synthesize a cohesive research project during their training. They will present their work at professional conferences, prepare and submit manuscripts to scholarly journals for publication and develop grant applications for federal funding agencies. Post-doctoral fellows will work to achieve intellectual and professional independence and success by evolving their knowledge in the following areas: scholarship, research skills, leadership and management, communication, and ethical and professional responsibilities.

Qualifications: The Fellowship is open to candidates who have earned or will earn their PhD, MD, DO or DVM by June 1, 2020

Application Materials: Please submit your electronic application including: • Your CV, • one-page cover letter describing research interests, career goals, and fit for the position, • two academic references (names and contact information)

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