Submitted: 15 July 2020
Department: Forensics
Institution: Astrea Forensics
Job type: Staff
Apply by: 1 August 2020
Application email: [email protected]
Application URL:

Astrea Forensics , a sister company of Claret Bio was founded in 2019. We apply ancient DNA techniques, direct genome (Illumina) sequencing, and sophisticated computational methods to forensic casework towards the identification of human remains. Our lab works with highly degraded samples (e.g. rootless hair) that otherwise fail traditional forensic DNA testing, in collaboration with law enforcement and genetic genealogy investigators. Astrea Forensics is a subsidiary of EdenRoc Sciences, working out of the same facility as Claret Bio in Santa Cruz, CA.

The position requires a Masters or higher degree (Ph.D. preferred) in a biological science related field, with at min. 3-5 years of experience in human genomics. Strong organization skills and the ability to manage a genomics wet-lab is a must. Duties include managing a small forensics DNA laboratory that uses next- generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to recover human DNA from degraded samples (e.g. hair, bone, teeth).

The Laboratory Scientist is expected to possess and understand major molecular biology laboratory work skills and genomics research experimental platforms, with experience leading genomics processing such as extractions and sequencing of biomolecules from human tissues. Experience with protocols for degraded DNA, such as previous work in forensics or paleogenomics, is preferred. Familiarity with common NGS analysis tools used for processing genomic datasets (e.g. BWA, SAMtools) and basic bioinformatics skills is a plus.

The Laboratory Scientist is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day functioning of the lab spaces, implementing safety protocols, maintaining active records of forensics cases, drafting case reports, contacting law enforcement agencies, and as we grow, supervising laboratory training of technicians and junior scientists.

Other duties relevant to lab management may be assigned, such as trouble-shooting protocols, lab calendar management, and coordination with and reporting to other laboratory and computational staff. Strong oral and written communication skills are expected. Preferred Qualifications: -Previous supervisory experience -Experience or training in paleogenomics, forensics and/or degraded DNA methods -Familiarity with human skeletal anatomy -Familiarity with forensics QAS/ANAB accreditation requirements -Understanding the application of forensic genetic genealogy (Title of position subject to change based on level of experience)

Submit Cover Letter and CV through:

For additional questions, contact: Kelly Harkins Kincaid, PhD [email protected]

Astrea Forensics is an equal opportunity employer. We offer excellent benefits and a generous time off package. We prefer local candidates

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