Submitted: 1 September 2020
Department: Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine
Institution: Howard University
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 15 September 2020
Application email: [email protected]

Postdoc Position: Visible Ape & Dissemination & Research

Hiring Institution: Howard University; Posted: 09-1-2020; Postdoc Duration: Sept2020-Aug2022

A postdoctoral researcher is sought to join the Rui Diogo lab (, at the Howard University College of Medicine, Department of Anatomy (Washington DC).

Within the field, this is one of the labs with a higher impact, number of publications in top journals, books, awards, and press coverage (TV, newspapers, press releases, etc.). Therefore we are looking for someone that is not only a relatively independent, top researcher, but also highly motivated, ambitious, willing to learn, and to help in dissemination – a crucial component of the philosophy of the laboratory-, including travels to rural communities in Africa and several scientific meetings. On the other hand, this means the researcher will gain a huge experience and be part of several top publications, therefore becoming highly prepared for a more senior position, after those 2 years, as has been the case with the vast majority of our previous postdocs. See also: Researchgate: Diogo Lab’s books:

We are therefore interested in a candidate that will have the ability to:

1) Help to coordinate a major, NSF-funded project to produce a Visible Ape Website and mobile app that is similar to, and will be directly compared with, the Visible Human Project.

2) Do research, including choosing her/his own projects, and also within the projects currently studied at the lab

3) Help write review papers and books on broader evolutionary topics, therefore getting a substantial experience in publishing in top journals and monographs.

4) Have the willingness to disseminate science and bring awareness to ape conservation, including in rural communities in Africa, DC public schools, scientific meetings, and numerous other places. Therefore, the researcher should have a good, and ideally a very good, English level, as well as writing skills.

5) Have a high independence, and the drive to be highly productive, taking advantage of the broader scope and numerous collaborations of the lab, while also enjoying a vast liberty, concerning both a daily-basis schedule and at an intellectual level.

Interested candidates should send a 1-page letter addressing this announcement, as well as a detailed CV to Rui Diogo, at [email protected]. Please write “post-doc in Diogo’s lab” followed by your last name in the email subject.

Howard University is a historical University situated in the center of Washington DC, which is a beautiful, green and enjoyable city with numerous cultural and outdoor activities. The Department of Anatomy provides a prosperous, resourceful and multidisciplinary environment for research, includes faculty with a broad experience in developmental biology, paleontology, neurobiology, comparative anatomy and medicine. We have strong ties with surrounding institutions, particularly with George Washington University and Smithsonian Institution, and the candidate will probably have the opportunity to do part of his/her research at those institutions and thus to further expand his/her knowledge and academic connections.

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