Submitted: 27 November 2020
Department: Anthropology
Institution: University of South Florida
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 10 January 2021
Application email: [email protected]
Application URL:

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund works to advance the biomedical sciences by supporting research and other scientific and educational activities.

To that end, the fund welcomes applications for its Postdoctoral Enrichment Program. Through the program, grants of $60,000 over three years will be awarded in support of career development activities for underrepresented minority postdoctoral fellows in a degree-granting institution in the United States or Canada whose training and professional development are guided by mentors committed to helping them advance in their careers.

In year one, grants of $20,000 will be awarded to support enrichment activities for fellows ($10,000 for research supplies or equipment uniquely required to enhance a fellow’s postdoctoral research and $10,000 for education and training, including costs associated with mentors in the lab where the postdoctoral fellow is assigned). In year two, funds will be allocated in a similar fashion. In year three, $20,000 will be granted to help fellows advance research efforts toward the professoriate; funds must be used to develop independent, innovative areas of research.

Up to twelve grants for enrichment activities will be awarded annually.

To be eligible, applicants must have no more than thirty-six months of postdoctoral research experience (in a research lab) at the time of application and not be more than five years from his/her PhD; must be nominated by a qualified mentor at the degree-granting institution where the applicant will conduct the postdoctoral/fellowship training; and must be a member of an underrepresented minority (i.e., American Indian or Alaska Native, Black or African American, Hispanic, or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander). Applicants must be a citizen of the U.S. or Canada.

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