Submitted: 8 March 2021
Department: Life and Earth Sciences
Institution: Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes - PSL University, Paris
Job type: Tenure-track
Apply by: 15 March 2021
Application URL:

Research: The Maître de Conférences (Lecturer) will work within the EPHE team on research projects in biological anthropology related to the themes of the hosting Research Unit (UMR PACEA - From Prehistory to the Present: Culture, Environment and Anthropology), more particularly on scientific issues related to the diversity, variability and morphogenesis of human biological characters over time, necessary for a better understanding of the biological and cultural evolution of human societies from the Plio-Pleistocene to the present day. These themes include the characterization of the biological profile of individuals and populations, the inter- and intra- population variability of biological traits and the drivers (environmental, chronological, geographical...) behind this variability. These issues may also include the health status of ancient populations (paleopathology, paleo- epidemiology). They will be able to find points of contact with the research developed in the SHP section in the field of archaeosciences and environmental archaeology and in the SR section in that of cultural anthropology. Teaching: The Lecturer will develop his/her teaching in biological anthropology at several levels: within the PSL Master "Life Sciences" in cross-disciplinary teaching for the courses "Integrative Physiopathology (PPI)" and "Biodiversity & Environment (B&E)", the EPHE Diploma in LHS section and for the training of Doctoral students. He/she will be able to participate in teaching (seminars and conferences) at the invitation of teachers from the other two EPHE sections and within teaching projects in "general anthropology" in collaboration with scholars from the other two EPHE sections and from PSL establishments. Involvement in the Master of Anthropology and Prehistory of the University of Bordeaux (Master of Biogeosciences) is advisable, in agreement with the teacher-researchers of this Master. The Lecturer will have to develop supervision activities for Master 1 and 2 students of this Master, of the Life Sciences Master of PSL, within the UMR PACEA, and pedagogical tutoring of EPHE diploma students.

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