Submitted: 11 May 2021
Department: Anatomy Physiology and Pharmacology
Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 30 June 2021
Application email: [email protected]
Application URL:

Dr. David Cooper’s multidisciplinary research group at the University of Saskatchewan is seeking a motivated postdoctoral fellow interested in fusing histological and imaging approaches (conventional and synchrotron) to advance the study of cortical bone microstructural dynamics in three and four dimensions. The successful candidate will lead the development and application of histological approaches in Dr. Cooper’s group. This will involve both independent and group work with the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects. Duties will include preparation of bone samples (human and animal) for histological analysis and/or imaging. The successful candidate will be capable of independent but guided analysis and dissemination of results (including conference presentations and peer-reviewed publication). Given the senior nature of this position, assisting in the supervision of other more junior trainees is also expected. More information is available at:

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