Submitted: 29 June 2021
Department: Anthropology Unit
Institution: WA Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 27 July 2021
Application URL:

The Assistant State Physical Anthropologist will work under the direction of the State Physical Anthropologist implementing provisions of the revised codes of Washington on the identification, notification, removal, and re-interment of non-forensic human skeletal remains from throughout the State of Washington.

Some of what you will do includes:

•Visits human remains discoveries, provides advice, expertise, field analysis, fieldwork, reporting and oversight as necessary reporting directly to the State Physical Anthropologist

•Utilizing the Human Remains Database, records information relevant to current human remains cases and uses the program to generate notification letters to affected tribes and cemeteries

•Tracks responses to those notifications in the case file and database

•Utilizing standard archaeological excavation and recording techniques excavates non-forensic human skeletal remains when necessary

•Passes locational information regarding non-forensic human skeletal remains onto relevant staff within the agency. Works with those staff to correctly record human remains finds

•Utilizing standardized osteological methods and forms to inventory and analyze non-forensic human skeletal remains

•Using clear and concise writing skills prepares draft summary reports of human skeletal remains cases. These tasks may include the compilation of archaeological site or cemetery forms

Work setting is an office and lab in Olympia, Washington, but extensive fieldwork should be expected in all portions of the state.

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