Submitted: 15 October 2021
Department: Anthropology
Institution: Texas A&M University
Job type: Postdoc
Apply by: 15 November 2021
Application URL:

We offer a unique opportunity to contribute to a two-year anthropological research project in Nicaragua. In this project we will be exploring evolutionary models of cooperation by providing a small community with all of the necessary materials to build a much-needed school. During its construction, we will monitor individual investments to the construction project, conduct economic games, and explore cultural institutions that promote cooperation. The postdoc will work in the community to aid in data collection and the management of a team of local research assistants. The second year will be dedicated to data analysis and write up of the results. The months-long field research will take place in a remote community which is only accessible by small boat. A field house is available which has solar power and access to a shared potable water source, although there is no cell reception/internet. The candidate will have the opportunity to pursue individual research related to the goals of the project, as well as to serve as first author on project-related publications.

Preferred Education and Experience: Ph.D. in Anthropology or related field. Experience with quantitative ethnographic fieldwork, other social science fieldwork, or other comparable experience. Experience with economic games research. Experience with management of large datasets. Experience with manipulating and analyzing data Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Spanish speaking or willing to take intensive course.

Responsibilities: Conduct ethnographic research in Nicaraguan community by following established protocols Manage collection of data by other research assistants Enter, manage, and analyze data Aid in the dissemination of results through scientific publication and presentations Develop related research agendas that can be carried out simultaneously Performs other duties as assigned

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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