Postdoctoral researcher or lab technician

Postdoctoral researcher or lab technician
Team Prof. Jean-Jacques Hublin
UMR 7140, CIRB, Collège de France, Paris

Scientific background:
Animal bone fragments from archaeological excavations can be taxonomically identified by digesting the bone collagen, and obtaining peptide mass fingerprints through MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry (known as Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry or ZooMS).

The proposed position is aimed at optimising the acquisition and analysis of MALDI-ToF profiles from Palaeolithic bone collections stored in various museums and/or universities across Europe, in order to recognise unidentified human remains as well as reconstruct behavioural patterns.

Required skills:
The candidate will join a team involved in several international projects and should have prior training and experience in protein biochemistry, a good knowledge of spectrometry methods and MS data analysis. Applicants with skills in bioinformatics are strongly encouraged to apply.

A particular interest in anthropology and human behavioural evolution is strongly desired. Short trips abroad will need to be undertaken in order to collect the required samples (about 1/month). A good working knowledge of English is also a must.

Contact and financing:
This position is for two years, starting in autumn 2022 at the very latest, and the salary will be adjusted according to experience.

Candidates must submit a CV, a list of publications, a brief description of their scientific interests and the names of two referees by May 31st 2022.

Contact :