Submitted: 30 June 2022
Department: Sociology and Anthropology
Institution: University of Toledo
Job type: Other
Apply by: 1 August 2022
Application email: [email protected]

The University of Toledo is looking to contract with a NAGPRA Specialist to provide consultant services related to updating inventory, establishing relationships and coordinating consultations with tribal communities, and coordinating the repatriation of culturally identifiable and unidentifiable remains. The consultant would provide the following services: • Inventory remains from multiple sites and prepare for disposition in a culturally sensitive manner, preferably for repatriation to their Native American tribe of origin. • Using archival data and extant collections, create a database organizing information regarding site, burial contexts, and affiliated material objects. • Establish relationships and consult with Native American tribal representatives regarding identification, cultural affiliation, and treatment of ancestral remains and artifacts, including those previously identified as unaffiliated. • Consult and coordinate with faculty in the anthropology program as well as members of the Office of Legal Affairs in matters of compliance and procedure. • Coordinate with other institutions regarding related artifacts that would be potentially subject to NAGPRA compliance. • Update inventory/documentation with National NAGPRA office. Education and Experience required: • Minimum of M.A. or M.S. in relevant field (Biological Anthropology, Archaeology/Bioarchaeology, Native American Studies, Museum Studies) from an accredited institution. • Training in osteological methods of identification and analysis with prior experience working with fragmentary osteological collections. • Experience organizing collections in relation to archived records. • Minimum of 2 years’ experience identifying, analyzing, organizing, and managing Native American remains, artifacts, and associated funerary objects. • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of NAGPRA law and procedures for compliance and consultation. Prior experience successfully coordinating and collaborating with a diverse group of stakeholders including descendant communities, museums, university faculty and staff.

Pay will be commensurate with experience. Those interested should email their CV and a cover letter to: [email protected]. We plan to hire as soon as possible.

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