Submitted: 1 September 2022
Institution: Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 30 October 2022
Application URL:

Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner seeks a full time forensic anthropologist. The successful candidate will have a minimum of a master’s degree in anthropology; experience/background with medicolegal death investigations; and demonstrable experience in both forensic anthropology and archeological principles, procedures, techniques, and authoring case reports.

Duties and Responsibilities: Determine forensic significance of skeletal remains reported to the OCME; aid law enforcement with the search and recovery of human remains; prepare remains for evaluation; provide oral and/or written reports on biological indicators, trauma, and toolmarks; complete radiographs and conduct radiographic identifications; work with dental, fingerprint, and DNA experts for identification purposes; enter and manage cases in NamUs; collect and submit DNA from unidentified persons; contact families of missing persons to collect antemortem data or familial DNA; review all potential matches for unidentified persons; communicate with law enforcement, family members, and legal representatives; testify as required; provide instruction as needed; and participate in agency committees.

Special Requirements: Submit a cover letter along with CV outlining experience and qualifications. Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and membership in AAFS. Employees must maintain the physical and mental stamina to perform the work and pass a rigid character and background investigation.

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The State of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of genetic information, race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, or disability.

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