Submitted: 28 September 2022
Department: Anthropology
Institution: Washington State University
Job type: Tenure-track
Apply by: 7 November 2022
Application URL:

WSU Anthropology seeks a cultural anthropologist for a tenure-track position, initial review date November 7, 2022. We seek someone who is doing ongoing health-oriented field research in collaboration with members of systematically excluded, historically underserved, and/or minoritized groups within Canada, the US, and/or Mexico. The candidate should be embedded in these communities and seek to benefit them. Additional job responsibilities include (i) engaging in collaborative research with and (ii) recruiting, advising, and mentoring students from systematically excluded, historically underserved, and/or minoritized groups; (ii) teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in cultural anthropology; (iii) and service—including outreach to broader communities.

For more details and to apply:

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