Submitted: 17 October 2022
Department: Anthropology and Archaeology
Institution: University of Calgary
Job type: Temporary
Apply by: 31 October 2022
Application URL:

The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology invites applications for sessional instructors to teach the following courses in Winter 2023 (Tuesday, January 3, 2023-Friday, April 28, 2023):

ARKY 555 - Human Osteology ARKY 328.02 - Topics in Archaeology** ARKY 595 - Problems in Paleopathology and Paleonutrition ANTH 505.02 - Advanced Topics in Biological Anthropology** ANTH 350 - Laboratory Practice in Biological Anthropology

Position Requirements: PhD in Anthropology or Archaeology; Experience teaching undergraduate courses at a university level.

Application Process: All applicants must provide a letter specifying the course(s) and session(s) of interest (in order of preference), outlining their qualifications to teach each course. New applicants must submit: A current CV containing relevant teaching experience (e.g., courses taught, textbooks used, where and when taught); names and contact information for 3 potential referees; and teaching evaluations (if available)

**For topics courses, please propose a topic in your cover letter. Courses can be bundled (e.g. teach 2-3 courses). All courses are taught in person in Calgary (Jan - April 2023)

The application deadline is October 31, 2022.

Apply here:

For questions, please contact Dr. Susanne Cote, Undergraduate Program Director at [email protected]

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