Submitted: 9 February 2023
Department: Neurobiology and Anatomy
Institution: Drexel University College of Medicine
Job type: Staff
Apply by: 28 February 2023
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The Anatomical Sciences Laboratory Programs Manager will provide oversight of the College of Medicine’s Gross Anatomy laboratory programs. They will be responsible for maintaining all records, inventory and care of donor bodies while being used in anatomy programs, as well as curating and managing the laboratory’s osteological materials, models, and imaging equipment. They will work with other staff members to ensure the laboratory runs smoothly and adheres to safety protocols. The position will also include laboratory teaching duties including producing and demonstrating prosections, assisting students in the dissection laboratory, demonstrating digital anatomy, imaging models and osteological materials, and work with students involved in elective Anatomy programs.

The Laboratory Program Manager position will begin at an exciting time as the College of Medicine’s education program moves to Drexel’s University City Campus to occupy brand new facilities including state-of-the-art cadaveric and imaging laboratories co-occupied by the College of Medicine and College of Nursing and Health Professions. The new facilities include a modern embalming and dissection labs, specialized prosection and fresh tissue laboratories, a visualization laboratory for virtual anatomy instruction, an imaging center with 3D scanning, 3D printing and microscopy equipment, as well as an Anatomy Resource Center housing models, osteological materials and additional software resources. The new facility will allow for extensive growth and opportunity as we build new outreach programs and summer courses and expand collaborations with other programs within the College of Medicine and other Drexel Schools, Colleges and Departments, including Biomedical Sciences, Nursing and Health Professions, Engineering and Biology. The candidate will have opportunities to develop scholarly activities related to medical education and clinical application, which will open avenues for career development and promotion.

Essential Functions

1. Maintenance and set up of lab materials to support the educational program. -Work with other lab staff to maintain and set up lab materials in a timely manner for each course, class within the MD program of DUCOM. -Work with the Lab staff to ensure that lab safety standards are met -Inventory/maintenance of prosections, plastinated materials, skeletal, model, radiological and collections. -Maintain/curate Drexel’s Historic Anatomy Collections.- Supervise all activities related to HGR donor program and donor transfers  -Manage the acquisition, transport and return to family of donor bodies for HGR, including any utilized in other programs at Drexel or outside of the University.

2. Lab space coordination -Manage laboratory access for DUCOM students. -Manage access and scheduling regarding special programs. -Serve as a liaison between the anatomy team and medical school visitors, including prospective students and colleagues from other institutions.

3. Prosection -Prosection of donor bodies as assigned for the process of demonstration, plastination or video recording content. -Work with other laboratory staff to maintain prosected materials.

4. Instructional duties -Work collaboratively with faculty and students and contribute to the delivery of high-quality medical education in an active learning environment. -Work with thread director to guide and provide feedback to 2nd year Med Scholars for their review sessions and 4th year medical students in their anatomy rotation. -Demonstrate prosections to students in class and during scheduled review sessions. -Guide and provide feedback to medical students on dissection during laboratories. -Answer student questions on laboratory specimens during lab and scheduled review sessions. -Supervise extra help sessions for students as scheduled by Vice Chair/Thread Director -Assist with set-up and grading of laboratory practical examinations. -Design and implement anatomy-based lab exercises using computerized anatomy programs (e.g. VH Dissector and Sectra Portals) for students in collaboration with other members of the anatomy team.

5. Outreach and additional education/research related programs -Assist in planning and executing outreach activities associated with the department. -Develop special programs for resident and clinical training and research utilizing fresh tissue dissection. -Participate in development, implementation, and analysis of medical education research projects. -Work with other Drexel Colleges to implement programs for undergraduates, research collaborations, and other opportunities for collaboration.

Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in anatomy, biological science, biological anthropology or related discipline, with 2 or more years of experience working in a Gross Anatomy laboratory performing dissection and providing lab-based instruction and at least 1 of experience in management/coordination in a laboratory environment.

Specific Physical Requirements: Ability to perform tasks that involve standing, walking and lifting. Ability to lift, carry, push, and/or pull minimum 75 lbs. of weight to assist in transport of cadavers, equipment/supplies Ability to observe details at close range (within a few feet of the observer) Excellent dexterity and hand-eye coordination Ability operate laboratory and office equipment requiring repetitive hand movement and fine coordination including use of a computer keyboard

Preferred Qualifications MS or PhD in anatomy, biological science, biological anthropology or related discipline, highly preferred Experience managing multiple projects and group needs effectively Effective communication and interpersonal skills Experience with software such as virtual anatomy platforms, learning management systems (eg, Blackboard), and interactive or related educational technologies and tools. Proficient in productivity and educational technology software such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, video conferencing tools (eg, Zoom). Familiarity with standard safety protocols, instruments and equipment related to cadaveric dissection and maintenance. Familiarity with confidential, ethical and timely handling of all donor related information and program operations. Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Ability to write, proofread, and edit instructional materials for medical students and other audiences. Ability to effectively interact with a diverse population of students, faculty and staff Ability to work collaboratively and independently

Drexel University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer that welcomes individuals from diverse and neurodiverse backgrounds and perspectives, and believes that an inclusive and respectful environment enriches the University community and the educational and employment experience of its members. The University prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, status as a veteran or special disabled veteran, gender identity or expression, genetic information, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions and any other prohibited characteristic. Please visit our Policies page to view all University policies related to Human Resources and News and Announcements for workplace postings.

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