Lab Manager

The lab of Dr. Anne Pusey at Duke University is seeking a lab manager to oversee data entry and organization for the Gombe chimpanzee research project. The Jane Goodall Institute Research Center at Duke University is home to behavioral data, photographs, and video footage from Gombe National Park, Tanzania, the longest-running chimpanzee field site in the world. Main responsibilities will include: Performing data organization, entry, and cleaning tasks as needed; helping to recruit new students for data entry; training of students on data entry procedures; overseeing and troubleshooting data entry; error checking of data in Access database and on Excel sheets; cataloging and processing incoming paper data sheets; organizing lab meetings; maintaining and adding content to our website (; cataloging and tagging media files (images, videos). Additional responsibilities, depending on skills and qualifications, may include the preparation of data summaries, assisting in data extraction and/or analyses, or optimizing web site design.

The ideal candidate possesses a background and/or interest in behavioral ecology, anthropology, animal behavior, or related fields, excellent attention to detail, familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Access, and some prior project management experience. Familiarity with WordPress for website work is highly desirable. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Dr. Steffen Foerster (, and arrange for two letters of reference to be emailed to the same address by the application deadline.

Anticipated start date: May 1st, 2015
Length of appointment: 1-2 years, with the possibility for extension