Submitted: 5 April 2023
Department: Pathology/Comparative Medicine
Institution: Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 1 July 2023
Application URL:


Under general supervision, performs a variety of complex physical, chemical, and/or biological tests that require the use of independent judgment in the planning, modification, and performance of clinical and research laboratory procedures. Provides direction and guidance to lab staff.

Duties include clinical and behavioral data collection from nonhuman primates, data verification, and maintenance of tracking files, data, tissue and image repositories.

Responsibilities include: Animal handling of nonhuman primates, blood and CSF collection, tissue collection, cell separation, data verification and manipulation, repository management, and protocol writing.

The position will be located at the Clarkson Campus, Winston-Salem, NC.


Bachelor’s degree in the biological and/or physical sciences with two years’ of related clinical/research experience; or, an equivalent combination of education and experience. Master’s degree in biology or related science preferred.


1. Effects of Western and Mediterranean Diets on Metabolic and Neuropathological Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s disease in NHPs 2. Psychosocial Stress Effects on Regenerative Medicine Therapies for LowerUrinary Tract Disorders in Nonhuman Primates 3. Development of an Innovative Vervet (Chlorocebus aethiops sabaeus) Model of Early Alzheimer’s-like Neuropathology and Symptomatology 4. Wake Forest Alzheimer’s Disease Core Center – Neuropathology Core

For more information please contact Carol Shively - [email protected]

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