Post-doctoral fellow in paleoanthropology

The post-doctoral fellow will be appointed at the UMR 5199 PACEA of the University of Bordeaux for two
years, starting January 1st, 2024, within the framework of the ANR-funded NeHos research project (ANR-22-
The post-doctoral fellow will characterize the phenotypic diversity and biomechanical properties of Neandertal
and early Homo sapiens long bones from the appendicular skeleton using microtomographic acquisitions.
Emphasis will be placed on the morphometric comparison of these data in order to discuss the taxonomic
attribution and phenotypic diversity of unpublished fragmentary fossils from key sites of the Middle to Upper
Paleolithic transition.
The identification of phenotypic characteristics specific to certain human populations on poorly diagnostic and
fragmentary anatomical parts could be used to develop methodological tools for automatic identification.
This work is part of the NeHos ANR, which aims to specify the chronological position of human remains from
the end of the Middle Paleolithic and the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic, then to analyze the different
cultural facies and environmental conditions associated with them, in addition to their biological
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