Submitted: 13 April 2023
Department: WA Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation
Institution: State of Washington
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 15 May 2023
Application URL:

The Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation is seeking a highly motivated Assistant State Physical Anthropologist. You will work under the direction of the State Physical Anthropologist on the identification, removal, and re-interment of non-forensic human skeletal remains finds throughout the state of Washington.

You may also determine whether additional remains or archaeological deposits may be in a project area once an initial set of remains is identified, coordinate findings with the cemetery database manager, and fill out archaeological site forms. You will assist the State Physical Anthropologist with the completion of case reports, data entry, site form completion, and official letter notifications.

In addition, you will assist with the administration of the grant program reimbursing property owners for the cost of the removal of human remains when the State Physical Anthropologist is unable to conduct removal activities themselves.

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