Submitted: 5 September 2023
Department: West TN Regional Forensic Center
Institution: The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 30 November 2023
Application URL:

Market Range: 23

Hiring Salary: $17,916.00- $19,523.73/Monthly

JOB SUMMARY/ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: The Forensic Pathologist performs functions of a medicolegal pathologist, performing postmortem examinations and associated work duties.


• Performs primary functions of a forensic pathologist in accordance with industry standards to determine the manner and cause of death in medical examiner cases.

• Maintains all required licenses and accreditations consistent with industry standards.

• Maintains individual continuing medical education and assures compliance with licensing and certification requirements.

• Assists in the training of new forensic pathologists, residents, and assists with the educational programs with participating agencies.

• Reports to scenes of investigation when requested and leads investigators in the management of the investigation.

• Works closely with consultants when needed for forensic pathology services such as odontology, toxicology, histology, etc.

• Provides expert testimony in criminal and civil court as requested.

• Provides reports and data in a comprehensive format.

• Performs other duties as assigned.


EDUCATION: MD or DO degree; Completion of a residency in anatomic and clinical pathology (preferred) or anatomic pathology and a fellowship in forensic pathology. Board certification in forensic pathology must be completed within 2 years of hire. Must become licensed in the state of Tennessee prior to starting work.


· Knowledge of the rules and regulations affecting the operation of the medical examiner’s office.

• Knowledge of agency policies and procedures.

• Knowledge of professional standards in forensic pathology.

• Knowledge of the principles and practices of employee development sufficient to ensure organizational productivity.

• Skills in exercising a high degree of initiative, judgment, discretion, and decision making to achieve organizational goals.

• Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with employees.

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