Assistant or Associate Professor of Archaeology

We are looking for candidates whose research focuses on human-environment relationships (e.g., in the context of climate change) and related issues of sustainability, human behavioral ecology, and societal change from a long-term perspective. An anthropologist specializing in these issues will expand upon and bridge our current disciplinary strengths and enhance synergistic collaboration with other university units that share similar interests. We expect candidates to seek external funding to pursue a research agenda built around these loci as well as to provide research and training opportunities to our students (including first-generation college students with diverse cultural backgrounds). Applicants should be able to teach an archaeology field school, and train students in the skills required by the growing Cultural Resource Management (CRM) industry. Candidates for the position should be prepared to teach a variety of courses, from Introduction to Archaeology to advanced courses in Archaeological Theory as well as specialized topics and methods related to his/her research focus in any of the areas outlined above.