Submitted: 23 November 2023
Institution: Collegium Helveticum, joint institute for advanced studies (IAS) of ETH Zurich, UZH, and ZHdK
Job type: Department chair
Apply by: 15 February 2024
Application URL:

With its early-career fellowship program, the Collegium Helveticum aims to support outstandingly promising academics and artists at a critical stage of their career. The program is designed to encourage work that cuts across and transgresses disciplinary boundaries in unconventional ways. We encourage also small interdisciplinary teams of up to three people are also encouraged to apply with a joint project. There are no limits to which disciplines should apply.

Fellows are free to pursue their individual projects as outlined in their application and receive support from the Collegium’s team. Projects carried out at the Collegium may convince both by their relevance and originality, spanning from applied science to blue-sky research, as well as from fine arts to artistic research.

Application window is open until February 15, 2024. Start of the fellowship is September 1, 2024.

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