Submitted: 1 February 2024
Department: Biomedical Sciences
Institution: Baptist College of Osteopathic Medicine - Memphis
Job type: Full time
Apply by: 31 August 2024
Application URL:


1. Teaching: Facilitate the creation of a learning environment for student instruction that encourages critical thinking, investigation, self-direction and respect for the uniqueness and strengths of each individual. 2. Professionalism and Scholarship: Demonstrate a professional role within the discipline by remaining current with trends, issues and practices. 3. Service: Demonstrate teamwork and collaboration in the department and the University through active participation. 4. Administration: Administer the operational management of the anatomy laboratory and anatomical donors; work with faculty, administration, maintenance, and instructional technology to maintain an efficient and safe environment for student learning.


• Participate in teaching, scholarly activities, and service in the College of Osteopathic Medicine with a goal of producing competent and holistic physicians • Provide instructional experiences that support the mission and goals of the College and University • Full-time, non-tenure track, exempt position under the administrative direction of the Department Chair and Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs • Distribution of time to be spent in Teaching, Research & Scholarly Activity, Service, and Administration negotiated annually based on career goals, college and administrative needs, and meeting accreditation standards. • Maintain, inventory, order, and restock supplies for the anatomy laboratory. • Coordinate with the donor program for delivery, inventory, and removal of cadavers. • Coordinate with facilities, faculty, and students to maintain cleanliness of the lab. • Coordinate with campus safety officer and maintain safety procedures for the anatomy lab including injury reporting, material data safety sheets, equipment testing, and other safety policies and procedures. • Assist faculty with set up of anatomy labs and teaching during lab. • Monitors collection of hazardous waste material and maintains routine schedule for waste removal. • Supervise students in the lab. • May occasionally require hours beyond an 8-hour workday • Performs related accountabilities/responsibilities as required or directed.

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