Submitted: 29 February 2024
Institution: National Science Foundation
Job type: Department chair
Apply by: 15 March 2024
Application URL:

We seek a Program Director who will cultivate a portfolio that addresses all aspects of Behavior and Environment Science, including human-environmental interactions, human behavior and environmental change, adaptation, resilience, and sustainability. The Program Director is expected to work across existing programs and disciplines. Successful candidates are also expected to utilize their expertise to engage with other programs in the division, the directorate, and across the agency in relevant cross-directorate programs and initiatives relating to their expertise. Specifically, this Program Director will participate in the management of two existing SBE-lead cross-disciplinary and cross-Directorate activities: the Center for Research and Innovation in Science (CRISES) program, addressing fundamental quality of life issues involving the environment, workforce, equity, and well-being, as well as the Strengthening American Infrastructure (SAI) program, advancing research in support of building a resilient planet. The candidate will also be expected to participate in the development of new programs and initiatives that support research on the integration of behavioral and environmental sciences at NSF.

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