President, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (“Wenner-Gren”) seeks a distinguished and passionate professional leader as its next President. The Foundation works to support all branches of anthropology and closely related fields concerned with human, biological, and cultural origins, evolution, and variation. The next President will have a singular and visible opportunity to head a highly respected organization, one that plays a critical role in enhancing humankind’s understanding of itself and its place in the world.

Since its beginning in 1941 as the Viking Fund, the Wenner-Gren Foundation has nurtured the study of anthropology and been a leader in the discipline’s continued evolution. As a grant funder, Wenner-Gren provides over $5 million annually in support of a variety of programs for anthropological research and scholarship. As a convener of experts, the organization runs some of the most compelling symposia in the field. As a creator and purveyor of knowledge, Wenner-Gren publishes Current Anthropology, one of the premier journals in the discipline, and is launching SAPIENS, a new web portal that, when complete, will help to popularize anthropology with a broader audience outside the discipline.

The next President will not only oversee Wenner-Gren’s successful activities, but will also be empowered to work closely with the Board of Trustees, Academic Advisory Council, and Foundation staff to explore the creation of new efforts to further and sustain the organization’s goals. With strong and stable finances, a knowledgeable and experienced staff, an engaged and thoughtful board, and an excellent reputation, the Foundation seeks a leader with the vision and ability to promote and sustain anthropology globally.

Wenner-Gren’s next President should have a deep knowledge of anthropology, understand the rigor required for excellent scholarship, and grasp the scholarly and customary differences among its sub-disciplines. A compelling vision of the relevance of the discipline, a proven ability to translate vision into reality, and a demonstrated record of effective management will also be necessary in the next leader.

This search is being led by Isaacson, Miller, a national retained executive search firm. All inquiries should be directed in confidence to:

Anita Tien
John Muckle
Matthew Tzuker
Isaacson, Miller
263 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210