Graduate Fellowships in the evolution of human cognition at Indiana University

The Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University Bloomington has multiple five-year graduate student fellowships available to study the evolution of human cognition. Research areas include cognitive aspects of human technological and behavioral evolution, evolution of expertise, evolution of the human brain, language evolution, and how evolved minds create and navigate cultural spaces. Training opportunities include experimental archaeology and fieldwork, brain imaging and fMRI, computational modeling and simulation, and other aspects of cognitive science. An interdisciplinary seminar with frequent visiting experts and international workshops and outreach are also part of this initiative.

For more information about these fellowships please contact any of the following: Peter Todd (Director of Cognitive Science Program, evolutionary cognitive psychology, search in complex spaces), Kathy Schick and Nicholas Toth (palaeolithic archaeology, paleoanthropology), Tom Schoenemann (brain & language evolution, brain imaging, endocasts), Colin Allen (evolution of expertise).